In Her Element: Li Lin Wee

In Her Element: Li Lin Wee
In Her Element
We are constantly intrigued and inspired by real, everyday women and how they master their craft.
In this series, we take a peek into the daily musings of women from all aspects of life while in their natural element. 


One of Singapore's leading filmmakers, we had the honour of visiting Li Lin's humble abode, where stories are brought to life. 


An award winning director, Li Lin's films have a unique touch that resonates with with us on a personal level, many of which have been nominated and screened at prestigious award ceremonies. 

Watch "Gone Shopping" here.


Street photography was one of her stepping stones to embarking into the film industry – and a hobby she still pursues today. 

Street photography by Li Lin. 


Growing up consuming various different forms of media has given her an inquisitive eye about humanity, a recurring theme in her creative process. 


With Li Ting and Auntie Tuan Meng, featured in short form commissioned for MOH – "The Shoes"

Behind the scenes of "The Shoes" by Zann and Dylan.  

Li Lin wears the Yuvi Top, Bell Trousers, MAKE Tee, and Kris Dress
Auntie Tuan Meng wears the Pod Top and Li Ting wears the Ivy Dress


Li Lin Wee

Li Ting

Shot and filmed by Kahying Gan

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