Flowers From Home

Flowers From Home
For our latest window installation, local artist Ashley Yeo brings our idea of Home to life.
With all that's going on around us, we want to stand together and celebrate this special place we call Home.
The installation features the Orchid and Calanit, national flowers of Singapore and Israel respectively.
We catch up with Ashley for her take on the local creative community and her hopes for the future.

Tell us about what you do. 

I'm an artist focusing on paper-cut and more recently, installation works.


Share with us your thought-process behind the window design.

I have always been working closely with botanical forms, and was excited to do the window display while being able to look at flowers for reference.


Why did you choose to pursue a creative career?

I had enough encouragement to keep moving forward with a creative career; I was certain of my ambition when I was a teenager and was able to embark on it.


How can we best support local creatives?


 To work locally, support local businesses, be open to new ideas.



What projects are you currently working on that you’d like to share with us?


 My solo exhibition "Gentle Daylight" is opening at Mizuma Gallery on the 22nd Aug and runs till 13th Sept!

I am also involved in another group exhibition "Time Passes" at the National Gallery that opens in September.



See it in person at #02-35 Raffles City Shopping Centre!


Click here to check out more of Ashley's work.



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GINLEE Studio Presents #OurCreativeCommunity

GINLEE Studio Presents #OurCreativeCommunity

Make by GINLEE at New Bahru

Make by GINLEE at New Bahru

Staying in? Take a (virtual) tour of our store!

Staying in? Take a (virtual) tour of our store!


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