Here at GINLEE Studio, we're all about Making Fashion That Matters.

In a world where garments are churned out rapidly, our meticulous process is deemed as luxury in today’s pace of fast fashion. We take immense pride in designing thoughtful and flattering pieces that stay timeless through different seasons of life. To us, good design is both aesthetically-pleasing and functional, and we strive to achieve the perfect balance of both.

We are Gin Lee & Tamir Niv

GINLEE Studio was founded in 2011 by us - two designers from vastly different disciplines. Equipped with Fashion and Industrial design backgrounds, our passion extends towards 3D elements that not only flatter the female form, but make wearable pieces of art. 

As global citizens, we are the product of many parts of the world. Between us, we have lived in several countries and our diverse life experiences shaped the way the brand is about. This cross-pollination of different cultures from Israel, London, Shanghai to Singapore results in a style that is quintessentially unique to us.

Design is always at the core of what we do

We have always been drawn to the exploration of textiles, from 2D to 3D to hand-mold the signature pleated fabrics.

We design with care, not for the perfect body, but for the real body. We believe that good design should be accessible to everyone and that’s why our clothes are made to flatter a myriad of sizes. 

We draw inspiration from nature, everyday shapes around us – linear or geometric and fleeting moments of textures, light and shadows. When we design our apparels and experiences, we want our customers to also appreciate such untainted moments of beauty, to explore the details and live life by your own rules. 

Read more about our design process here.

We want you to embrace quiet confidence

The effortless, day-to-night sensibility makes our garments practical for the everyday woman, the way it should be. Merging form and function, our fabrics drape beautifully on the wearer, made possible by thoughtful craftsmanship. The charm of our clothes is understated, but it allows the wearer to celebrate who they are, and all that they are, in a way that is both elegant and rare.

Our experiences allow for curious exploration and creative craft-making where one gets closer to making the world a better place on her own terms.

Most importantly, the GINLEE woman feels comfortable in her own skin which is why we put our garments through a little dance test before you step out into the world to dance to life with zest.


This is GINLEE Studio,

Where fashion meets function,

And beauty meets freedom.