In Her Element: Beryl Tay

In Her Element: Beryl Tay
In Her Element

We are constantly intrigued and inspired by real, everyday women and how they master their craft.
In this series, we take a peek into the daily musings of women from all aspects of life while in their natural element. 


Dance is a vessel for Beryl Tay to showcase her emotions and inner feelings. 


It has been pivotal to bridging connections with her peers through shared experiences, with its ability to aid in communication of thoughts and emotions, without having to rely on words. 

"Dance is my vehicle for self discovery and growth, as a dancer and as a person." 


Captivated by how each person interprets and transforms movement in their own unique way, she finds a safe space in the liberation dance gives. 

Beryl wears the Yuvi Top, Silk Romy Trousers, Pleated Wave Trousers and Twilight Dress


Beryl Tay

Shot and filmed by Kahying Gan and Vivien Tan

Special thanks to One Dance Asia and ought

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