New in _/\/\/\ake: Pleated Tops and Drawstring Bags!

New in _/\/\/\ake: Pleated Tops and Drawstring Bags!
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Made from recycled polyester, the brand has recently launched pleated tops as a progression from accessories. Customers get to select their choice of pleats, colours and sizes and take home their customised top within 1-1.5 hours.


Another new item to the _/\/\/\ake roster are drawstring bags. Demand for a more unisex version of their introductory bags led to the creation of them, which are produced from the same base as the former. All orders are sustainably made on demand, on the spot in their Great World City store.


As part of their ongoing sustainability efforts in reducing waste, GINLEE Studio introduced two initiatives at the height of the pandemic with the aim of reducing waste. GOOD (Get-Order-On-Demand) and _/\/\/\ake have since been met with huge success from both new and regular customers with high buy-in rates.   


Using recycled polyester, a first for the brand, is a move that designer Gin Lee has been meaning to explore for a while. “In order to extend the durability and longevity of pleats, synthetic based fabrics are key in ensuring that. With the innovation of recycled polyester, we are able to produce responsibly.”


With _/\/\/\ake, overproduction is curbed as it is only made when there’s an order. By fulfilling the last mile production in-store, carbon footprint is reduced. The brand’s decision to utilise one base product is space-efficient, allowing production of multiple options by extending the SKUs, so monitoring demand is more structured.


The brand founders hope to create an exciting opportunity to shop in brick and mortar stores again. Through witnessing the _/\/\/\ake process, they hope for customers to have greater appreciation for the item and thus have longer staying power in their wardrobes. Along with the virtual store tour, customers get to experience the _/\/\/\ake process from anywhere, right in the comforts of their own space. 


View the virtual store experience below:


Shop _/\/\/\ake in-stores and online.

Click here to read about the launch of _/\/\/\ake.


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